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Leonardo represents, without any doubt, the renaissance genius that revolutionized history of graphic arts, science and western civilization. He was perhaps the most talented person that has
ever lived.

Leonardo di Ser Piero d'Antonio  was born on April 15, 1452, in
the small village of Vinci, between Florence and Pisa, at the foot of the Montalbano mountain. He was the illegitimate son of Ser
Piero d'Antonio da Vinci, a notary of Florence, His mother Caterina was a villager from the small town of Anchiano, who later married a another villager. Ser Piero raised his son himself, a common practice at the time, When Leonardo was 15, his father apprenticed
him to Andrea del Verrocchio, the leading artist of Florence and
a characteristic talent of the early Renaissance....

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Other Great Italians:


Italian Cultural, Artistic and Architectural Heritage Protection Campaign To celebrate the fusion of two great cultures that gave birth to the Americas thanks to Christopher Columbus

Participate in this campaign and choose from
hundreds of cultural, artistic and architectural sites
you may help restore and/or preserve throughout Italy by making a donation from $50. Be a part of history and help restore or preserve Italian heritage!

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Now since some years, Columbus statues and legacy have been a target of ideologies that, instead of viewing the positive aspects about the fusion of European and Native American Continent cultures, they have concentrated only in attacking, removing and vandalizing Columbus statues.

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Quality & Authenticity Certification to Italian Restaurants Worldwide Worldwide Research Campaign. Who really was Christopher Columbus?
A group of volunteer Chefs all across the globe will visit Italian restaurants to evaluate the quality and authenticity of the food served and the service provided. We will issue Certificates of Quality and Authenticity to those restaurants that comply with
our quality standards.

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Asides from the universally accepted theory that Columbus was from Genova, Italy, many nations like Portugal, Catalunya and Spain claim the navegator as their own. Also, both Spain and Dominican Republic claim that they have his mortal remains.

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