For those who love all things Italian... 

our goals...


1. Build a worldwide club of fans of Italy and its history, culture and legacy.
2. Let Italian citizens and young people familiarize with the richness of Italy's history and heritage.
3. Promote Italian culture around the globe.
4. Provide useful services and products to its members.
5. Organize all kinds of events, exhibitions, seminars and courses regarding Italian topics.
6. Issue Quality Certifications to people or companies that provide outstanding Italian products or services.
7. Help Italian descendants "iure sanguinis" acomplish their Italian Citizenship Recognition.
8. Conduct research and investigation related to Italian Genealogy.
9. Conduct historic research and investigation related to Italy.
10. Publish all kinds of books and media in all kinds of formats related to Italian history, culture, science, technology and other related topics.
11. Create, organize and execute all kinds of campaigns which goal is to improve present Italian life and economical, political, scientifical, social, cultural and technological conditions.
12. Any other activity ot initiative to benefit Italy and its worlwide image.
13. Create and propose all kinds of ideas, initiatives and laws to italian politicians
14. Create, propose and coordinate all types of efforts and campaigns to help Italy become a better country in the present.
15. Create, propose and coordinate ideas, campaigns and initiatives in which Italy helps shape a better world with its rich cultural and humanitarian heritage.