Campaign's Goals

To conduct a comprehensive, complete and non-biased worldwide research and investigation in order to be able to determine or at least assemble the most approximate and solid theory regarding the following questions:

1) Which is the real geographical origin and place of birth of Christopher Colombus?

2) Are his remains located in Santo Domingo or in Sevilla or are they really in both parts? Is there any other place were they could be? In which place do we have the majority and best quality of his remains?

3) Which are the actual most serious theories regarding the geographical origin of Columbus?

4) Who exactly were his parents?

5) Who exactly were his direct descendants?

6) Which languages did he speak? Which ones did he speak fluently?

7) Was his birth name Cristoforo Colombo or Cristobal Colom, etc.?

8) At what age did he die and of what cause and in which year was he born?

9) Did he really have a generalized arthrosis?

10) Which similarities can we find between Italian (Ligurian) "Colombo" families DNA and his DNA?

Scientific, Medical, Linguistic, Genealogical, Genetical, Historical and Anthropological Research Ethics, Methodology and Principles

General Impartiality and "Non-Bias" Principles:

- No government, politcal groups or parties should interfere with this investigation so it is not subject to political pressures

- The authorities that control the sites were the remains of Colombus presumably are located should fully cooperate to give access to scientists to obtain small samples of DNA

- Genetic studies and conclusions should be obtained and analysed by
different non-biased scientists, from different countries and nationalities. Results should be compared and discussed. DNA should be compared at least with the remains of presumed relatives (born also in the century in which Columbus was born) in Italy, Portugal and Spain. Today's decendants DNA would be extremely unreliable but it is advisable to also have these studies.

- Serious historical theories should all be taken into account and confronted. No theory should be "a priori" discarded.

- Historical theories should be based on historical "forensic"

- Participating historians
should not be biased by patriotisms or regionalisms

- Other participating Anthropologists, Biologists and Scientists should also demostrate that they are non-biased.

Research Process Ethics, Methodology, Quality and Discipline Principles:

- Research goals, efforts and results will be directed and coordinated by the Campaign Director

- Every participating professional will conduct her/his research freely and with a time deadline

- The "owner" of each research result will be each professional conductng it but will agree to let the Campaign use them to build the new theory

- Each professional will guarantee the impartiality and validity of her/his research results

- Each research will have to be backed by the most modern and up to date technologies available

- Each research will have to be backed by the most reliable sources

- Each researcher may use its own system or methodology as long as it guarantees a serious outcome

- Researches that do not comply with the three above principles will not be taken into account